CS:GO (Online game) Packet loss issue

Hi I am experiencing an issue with Bit Defenders Firewall - When I play CS:GO Online (FPS Game) I am experiencing a huge amount of packet loss. Packets send from the server are being blocked and it is causing the game play to be unbearable.

I have created a rule for this application and allowed everything but i am still losing about 20% of my packets when i connect to valve severs. As a work around I have added rules for valve IP's but this is a terrible work around because i need to know all the valve IPs and if they change I am screwed. Another issue is you dont know the IP you are connecting to, until after the game. How can i fix this?


 Primary router: syd#99 ( Ping = 14+0=14 (front+back=total)

    Current rates:

      Sent: 64.9 pkts/sec  6.3 K/sec

      Recv: 54.9 pkts/sec 11.7 K/sec

      Ping:14ms  Max latency variance: 11.5ms

      Quality: 85.9% (Dropped:14.1% WeirdSeq:0.00%)

      Bytes buffered: 0

    Lifetime stats:


        Sent:   79,103 pkts    9,142,359 bytes

        Recv:   62,290 pkts   25,224,827 bytes

        Recv w seq:   62,288 pkts

        Dropped  :   14,664 pkts 19.06%

        OutOfOrder:     0 pkts  0.00%

        Duplicate :     0 pkts  0.00%

        SeqLurch :     0 pkts  0.00%