Allow more control with client auto updates

Can you add a way to allow updates of definitions automatically, but prompt users separately to allow the software updates to install?

At the moment there is just the single ‘Update automatically’ on/off toggle in the settings

For my case, I have two choices:

1. Turn off update automatically and be pestered all day with popups about minor updates which I would like to run in the background


2. Turn on update automatically and have my VPN sessions unexpectedly be disconnected when more major updates run. The outages only last for a short period during the BD updates, but rearranges my remote desktop windows and is annoying to deal with whilst Im working. (Happened again today 7July 22')

Adding two on/off toggles would help. One for the definitions and one for software updates.


Have the software updates always ask if it is OK to install or delay. Currently they just run, d/c my remote session and then ask me if I would like to restart my system. No I dont want to restart my system - Im working. If I could say install or install and restart in 3hrs from now or something like would also be better than it works now.

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  • Scott
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    I asked for this ability a while back. I still couldn't spell, even back then 😯

    Christian (rootkit) created an image of what he thought it could look like.

    I believe part of the issue back then was also the ability to not install a build/product update in case there were problems with the build, we could wait for a patch before downloading and installing the "patched" build.

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  • Hi @Ironbuket and welcome back on the forum!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us here.

    My recommendation would be to turn Silent update OFF and this way you will be asked if you wish to update and can select between software and virus definitions.

    The default update settings are suited for most users and do not normally require adjustments.

    Every time an update is available, Bitdefender will automatically download and implement the update without showing pop-up notifications. By turning OFF the Silent update option, you will be notified each time a new update is available. Some updates require a restart to complete the installation. By default, if an update requires a restart, Bitdefender will keep working with the old files until the user voluntarily restarts the device. This is to prevent the Bitdefender update process from interfering with the user's work.

    Going forward, I appreciate your observations and will pass them to our development teams, for further analysis.

    Best regards

  • Scott
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    Ironbuket, It may not have the separate options on the Update panel as was previously wished for and as you mentioned, but BD did include that option just in a different way, as Alexandru posted. The only concern is that to have it not bother you as much, you would need to move the slider over to a longer update interval i.e. your signatures wouldn't be updated and installed as frequently, unless you did a system tray right-click update every so often during the day. But at least you would have more control in that way of when you update within a longer update interval time.

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  • Ironbuket
    Ironbuket ✭✭✭

    The solution is to reduce system security by reducing the frequency of the threat updates? I dont consider this a solution.

    Another issue with having silent updates on is, that they arent actually even silent anyway. If there is a software update, you get a popup, but it seems to only appear when the update is already nearly done and is just informing you need to restart.

    I dont think it would take much coding, to put that forced popup (that ignores silent already) at the start of the update install instead of the end. A message like 'a software update is ready to be installed, install now/postpone'.

    That wouldnt even need the second slider in the settings

    Internet Security (Paid), Windows10 Pro64, Ryzen7 5800X, 32GB RAM, RTX3070, 5 internal storage drives, 2x ext hot-swap drives

  • Thank you @Scott for better illustrating my explanation 😄

    @Ironbuket I'll ask the developers to have a look and tell us what's their opinion on this and if any adjustments can be made.