Feature to turn of notifications

Can we please get a setting force turn off notifications. The "Threat Detected" keeps popping up and takes away focus from my app. I have a subscription and if this isn't fixed promptly I'm not going to renew, I'm going back to Kaspersky. HOW IS THIS BASIC FUNCTION NOT AVAILABLE ?!


  • Gjoksi
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    This has been discussed many, many times here on the forum.

    I think that the dev team is making some changes about the pop-up notifications.

    Maybe @Alexandru_BD can give us the latest news on that matter.


  • Hello,

    This is a notification triggered by the Advanced Threat Defense module and you can read more about it in the following article:


    As a safety measure, you will be notified each time threats and potentially malicious processes are detected and blocked. There are currently no options to disable this type of notification, apart from disabling the module altogether, which is not a recommended action.

    You can exclude trusted apps, so they are not blocked if they perform threat-like actions by following the steps from this article: