Password Manager Problem. Any Help?

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  1. Several weeks ago I dumped LastPass and included Bitdefender Password Manager and I tried signing in with my written down Master Password and it was not accepted?
  2. The Password Managers Recovery Key provided had 24 100% CAPITAL letters.
  3. However, when I entered the recovery Key it insisted there must be a minimum of 1 lower case letter? Rejected again....?
  4. Hope to hear from support and what to do?


  • Try to change you Password or reset it.

  • Hello,

    Based on your description of the situation encountered, I would recommend contacting the Technical Support Teams, as more information might be required to troubleshoot this. You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your desired contact channel.

    Best regards

  • I have the same exact problem at least 3 times. Waiting for Bitedefender reply.

  • Hi @Frank Santos

    I have noticed that the engineers responded to your request a couple of hours ago. They provided the following instructions:

    Reset your master password using our article below:

    In case you cannot log in to your Central account, you can use the reset link provided in the ticket, in order to reset the account password.

    Kindly reply to our Support Teams with the result.


  • I have been a BitDefender Client for many years and truly admire the services and the support I've received.

    However; (there's always a HOWEVER, insn't rhere) the Password Manager appears to be an ill conceived beta version intended for nothing more than to increase income. My first impressions appear to be substantiated by the number of comments here that suggest the installation, use and (should it be desired) uninstallation and abandonment of the program is a general PITA.

    It strikes me as an over-advertised, under developed program intended to "hook" the unwary for an add-on fee for a service that should noiw be a fundamental part of any decent security program.

    I am still very satisfied with the rest of the BD security program I purchased, but with respect to this dark cloud, shame on you.

    Dan Tonner

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    Hello @dantonner and thank you for joining the conversation here. I also appreciate your admiration for Bitdefender products and support.

    Bitdefender's latest standalone Password Manager is far from a beta version and it was designed from the ground up, as an upgrade to the basic Wallet. Password Manager is a multiplatform service that auto-saves, auto-fills, automatically generates, and manages your passwords for all websites and online services with the help of a single Master Password.

    Bitdefender Wallet and Bitdefender Password Manager are not the same product. The main difference is the multiplatform password synchronization. Password Manager is a standalone software compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, while the Wallet is a password manager module with basic functionality that comes with our paid security solutions Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security. The Wallet is available only on Windows and does not work on Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

    Wallet integrates with the following Windows browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bitdefender Safepay. Unlike Password Manager, the Wallet does not offer master password recovery options: if you forget your Master Password you lose all your passwords. Wallet functions are limited to autosave & autofill, auto-lock, and a password generator. You can import data from other password management applications only in .db and .csv format.

    On the other hand, Password Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. If you forget your master password, you can always reset it and regain access to your data. It has a plethora of bonus features that increase your privacy: autosave & autofill, password generator, password quality check, search & delete password duplicates, (un)hide passwords as you type them, security reports, password leak alert, secure notes, remote logout, biometric unlock on mobile devices. You can import data from other password management applications in multiple formats: csv, json, xml, txt, 1pif, fsk.

    The highest data security is assured through the latest, military standard, cryptographic algorithms – AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, HTTPS, and WSS protocols for data transmission.

    Password Manager is using an end-to-end encryption system, which means all data is encrypted and decrypted only locally on your device. This guarantees that no one except the account holder who knows the master password has access to the passwords.

    Taking into consideration all of the above, the development of Password Manager involves plenty of resources and costs, so you can imagine it cannot be provided as a free service. Furthermore, the service has not yet reached its final form and development is still being done, as we expect fine-tuning and more features to arrive this year.

    Although the basic Wallet may seem enough, due to certain technical limitations, it could no longer be developed to allow future integrations to expand its capabilities, so the developers had to start from scratch and come up with a more versatile Password Manager that can be further enhanced, to keep up with our user's requirements and today's technological advancements.

    One can be misled into thinking that the Password Manager is a facelifted Wallet with a price tag, but if you look closer, you'll notice it's an entirely different thing.

    Common sense tells me that, whenever a business invests in developing new technologies and expansion of portfolio, must also have return of investment in mind, otherwise we would all be bankrupt.

    So I'm asking you, where's the shame in that?


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    Hi all,

    I am experiencing issues with log in to my chrome extension - It keeps on asking sign in - I add my credentials and it wont sign in. I removed, changed password, done all but again the same issue.. is there an issue with the extension? I cannot log in to my passwords..

    an update - The issue is when installing Discord on Windows 11 Pro (up to date).... I removed again discord - restarted and now it works... so there is an issue when Discord is installed...