Bitdefender does not scan all files

Please make changes to the Bitdefender for android so that it scans all the files and directories and all the apps including system apps as well. I am pretty sure it does not scan the system apps yet. As a user I do not feel much secure while using it. Hope in future things changes.


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    Bitdefender for android will only scan for installed applications. Also, it will scan for any .apk setup files available on your smartphone.

    You need to understand that if by chance, lets say, bitdefender or any other antimalware product detects any malware within the system files, still they will not be able to remove or uninstall that system file since it is a system file belonging to Android OS & the Android will not allow to make any changes to it's OS by any third party application.

    Those malware detected in system files can only be deleted if you root your android which bypasses all the security restrictions and rooting the android poses various risk.

    So, including a full system scan is totally useless and not at all needed.


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  • Hello @The_Eagle_007,

    In addition to mrmirakhur's post above, please note the following:

    Bitdefender Mobile Security scans all installed applications and .apk files. There are a few system paths we do not scan as:

    1. System applications SHOULD not be infected;

    2. Applications installed in those locations cannot be uninstalled anyway.

    Mobile Security will make sure that the Android device stays clean by automatically scanning any application immediately after its install. So it will no longer scan those apps that have been scanned before or that have not been altered in any way. The only scanning option on Android is to scan the storage or not, and this is enabled by default. You can adjust the Scan Storage option from the Settings menu. However, it won't scan system applications.


  • In the situation that your phone has been infected and then corrupted with in the system files and you have Factory erased multiple times and multiple phones every antivirus including the ones that come with Samsung has never noticed the problem. And the more time that goes by trying to fix the problem and nobody seems to understand until what I've just read from you too so the more time that goes by without any real incident I slowly get locked out of making any changes to the phone or the now 590 apps that seem to be installed somehow on my phone even though I've only got 81 apps and files that bitdefender scans.

    I have been having this issue since 2017 best guess. Have tried many things such as Factory erase first phone did nothing remove the malware and then try new phones plural cheaper prepaid plans different phones however I'm assuming that the infected phone was close enough to the cheaper prepaid phones and within days had become the same as the original infection which over time prevents me from accessing most of the data and prevents me from removing any app or stop permissions now when I had my first at 20 Ultra it was nearly six or nine months before I had to warranty with the phone being exchanged for a refurbished one after that point have four different refurbished ones sent and always been told it's just what happens when they do that now what is your or anyone's opinion on how to proceed with removing these things I believe it's infected all devices in my home

  • Bitdefender should run a full system scan.

    1. A user has the right to know if there's a malware on their device even if the security app (bitdefender) can't remove the malware. At least the user is notified to be careful and send their phone to an expert for jailbreaking and removing the virus.

    2. Bitdefender can have a feature where it gains access to remove system files if the user allows jailbreak on their accountability.

    3. You could make a third party app that runs from a pc connected to phone like Amnesty MVT, but with easier interface and user friendly.

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    I am using Redmi note 11 pro + 5g. It already has a built-in MI Guard Security. But I still wish to install bitdefender free antivirus. Will they clash with each other??? Please do kindly let me know. Thank you.

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    The antimalware may or may not clash that is totally dependent on the database of malware definition they both hold.

    Bitdefender has a larger database than MI Guard Security and MI guard Security has not been even tested in the wild and hardly anyone would know about it. So, it is better to use bitdefender as your antimalware solution for your android device.


    OMEN Laptop 15-en1037AX (Bitdefender Total Security) & Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Bitdefender Mobile Security)