No Suspicious pages blocked in weeks!


I used to get many red "suspicious pages blocked for my protection" notices on my computer every day from Bitdefender but starting a few weeks ago I haven't received even one. Did Bitdefender make a change in that time to their software?

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    Hello @Otter2020,

    The “Suspicious connection blocked” notification is triggered by Bitdefender’s Online Threat Prevention module whenever there is an attempt to access an HTTPS domain that has security certificate issues. Unlike HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), HTTPS (safer HTTP Secure standard, HTTPS) is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), securing communications between your computer and the websites you visit.

    HTTPS is indicated by the small lock symbol that appears in front of the address line whenever you visit a website. The padlock usually means the site has a valid HTTPS certificate, the site domain is verified to match the name on the certificate, and the connection to the website is encrypted. In other words, the information exchanged between you and that domain is not in clear text, but encrypted. Unsafe domains are external links to websites that do not have a security certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority, have an unmatching or expired security certificate, and could contain phishing, malware, or unwanted software.

    If the pages you visit have trusted certificates, you won't encounter such notifications.

    While in use, profiles (Work, Movie, or Game) also stop all notifications from being displayed on the screen.

    Furthermore, if the Encrypted web scan protection feature is disabled, these notifications should not be displayed as well. To check if the feature is enabled, click settings on the Online Threat Prevention module.

    It's true that there is an ongoing review process for the notifications and our developers are looking for ways to streamline the pop-up messages and warnings, especially the ones that are stealing focus, to further improve the manner in which the product communicates with the user. But the product continues to log events for each incident and there are no changes in terms of functionality.

    The actual problem with this specific notification, as reported by many users, is that these interrupt user activity and steal focus by being too frequent, since a pop up is triggered for every dangerous connection attempt, which can happen continuously.


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  • Otter2020


    Thank you for all the information. It was helpful.

    My Encrypted web scan is enabled so that doesn't explain why I don't get any pop-ups anymore. Also, I never use the profiles feature but maybe will try it again.

    I want to make it clear I am not complaining that I am not getting them anymore it just seemed strange that I am not getting them when for a long time I had been getting many each day as I wrote before.

    Perhaps the review process you mentioned is making a difference in this regard. I will just be happy I am not getting them.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Otter2020,

    Understood, glad to hear I could help.

    Yes, the developers are in the middle of this review process and it's quite possible that some minor adjustments have been made already. The consecutive notifications triggered by this module for the same page are a priority and soon we should be able to find an effective solution to improve the throttling mechanism. Thank you for the insightful information on the encrypted web scan feature and the profiles.

    Looking good then, keep us posted if you see any significant changes in the notification behavior.


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