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What the hell? Every time I go to a regular website I visit I have to again key in a key password?


  • This was happening to me, I was advised to delete the extension and reinstall it and that fixed the problem.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @nonan,

    Make sure you have the latest version installed, as the frequently requested "remember me" feature was recently introduced for all extensions:


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  • This only works if you don't start a new browser session. If you could make a feature like Dashlane to stay logged on for 14 or 7 days so you would only be asked once a week to logon.

  • Scott
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    Hi @Marktherob2005

    With Chrome, my Password Manager stays logged in after multiple new sessions, even after coming out of sleep mode. There is a bit of hesitation for PM to sync to the servers on a new session as it says logged out, but it will log back in after a couple of seconds. If I do a PC restart, then PM needs to be logged back into again.

    I believe part of the reason that BD PM doesn't have an option for 7-14 days is for security reasons, as to not leave PM logged in for extended periods of time where if your device was lost or stolen, your passwords could be compromised.

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