Cannot configure Wallet and/or Safepay

New to Bitdefender - previous Kaspersky user...

....never had any issues using their Safe Money for online banking and credit card purposes - once I'd first entered the various login details and passwords at sites, everything was saved automatically and logging in subsequently was always a simple couple of clicks...

....Safepay, however, is proving useless - there seems to be no facility to login to sites and have the info saved and stored for future use, and trying to enter details into the Wallet to use from there is proving impossible.

My bank login method uses firstly my surname and a 12-digit membership number (stored and autofilled by Safe Money), followed by a 5-digit code and random letters from password (which I have to enter myself). As an occasional extra measure, I'd sometimes have to enter the last four digits from a card, along with the CVC code.

With Safepay I have to enter ALL of the above manually every single time, as the only part it's saving and autofilling is the third stage - even though, apparently, it shouldn't be doing so for the CVC. I cannot find appropriate Wallet fields in which to enter the initial name and number details.

Likewise, my online credit card account login requires a simple username and password combo - again, Safepay seemingly cannot/will not save that info for future use, nor can I find appropriate fields for them in the Wallet. Consequently, not only do I have to manually enter them every time I login, but I also have to be sent a text message code because each is treated as a 'first time' login from a 'new' device.

Can anyone tell me how to overcome these issues, please - or am I stuck with them all?



  • same problem for me

    Safemoney was easy

  • And very disappointing that after two weeks no-one here has come up with anything better than being in agreement - no suggestions or solutions offered...

    ....I'm currently still logging into online banking by manually entering all the details in the three steps mentioned above - however, my wife is point-blank refusing to go through that process, and basically wants to ditch Bitdefender in favour of "something easier, like we had before"....

  • Safepay està bloquejat. Tenia 3 marcadors url bancaris: aquests bancs ara els han canviat, però jo no els puc actualitzar: entro a editar, els canvio, però no queden guardats i s'esborren en sortir: queda l'anterior marcador que abans hi havia escrit. Com puc arreglar això?

    Gràcies per contestar-me. El pagament a Bitdefender ja està fet, però el producte no em funciona: o m'ho arreglen o em rebaixen el preu. És com si comprés 1Kg de taronges i me'n donéssin la meitat podrides.