Push Event Requirements

edited August 2022 in Enterprise Security

Hi all --

I stood up an HTTP endpoint listening over SSL with basic authentication in an attempt to receive push events from GravityZone.

Following the documentation, I enabled Push Events to the endpoint (enabling all event types for testing and all companies), and when sending that request, I get response from with response "result" = true and I see the successful HTTP GET request to my endpoint (assuming it's just checking to make sure everything is working).

However, that's as far as it goes. When sending requests to BitDefender API to send a test event, I see no data coming into my HTTP endpoint. If I perform a basic action (like agent install or uninstall, which I'm subscribed to for push events) I also see nothing. I've even forced some firewall /network events on servers with agent installed and still get nothing pushed to my HTTP endpoint.

If I try to get push event stats for my API key, I receive server error code -32000 with message "Statistics for this api key are not available yet"

What am I missing?

I'm running a trial version of GravityZone to test out the push event feature.