You told me what happened and why

Attacked me about a years ago. Unknown agents. To respect all your opinions by having total security they did after security-related cybercrimial told me that was doorlock and complexity algorithm for. Now recently by attacking increasing voltage suddenly and just fan dead and next keyboard is uncomfortable for me and even on my phone with some codes appear warning to me and bitdefender can't identified and also Kaspersky. I'm seriously and they are completely irresponsible for that can't told me! why told me that is anything and answers false .


  • Hi @Ardttt,

    Sorry, I'm a bit confused. What happened exactly, who attacked you and what voltage is being increased and why? What type of attack have you experienced? Who gave false answers and most important, what were the questions asked? It's difficult to follow the chain of events and make sense.

  • Since a years ago more

    Unknown agents try to threatened me by

    Different cyberspace and approach.

    Look first time attacked me by using serial numbers of equipments of laptop.

    After times,recently they attacking increasing voltage of cpu and complexity algorithm for windows even I had total security Kaspersky and VPN premium. But I had front of issues used total bitdefender, anyway I saw my fan stated to increasing noises second by seconds

    Next windows crashed and smelled burning

    Open mine that fan by increasing speed destroyed next even by intrupted total internet connection saw keyboard didn't work after TouchPad crashed and finally tonight my motherboed burned, wonderful is named yourself krl and smiling me by appear warning and complexity messages on phone. It's nesserary that told you I'm a programmer but didn't like this.whatspp hacked simply and third person liston once call . Warning my friend and I

    My first phone wiped out and even not backed now having s21 its OK but 3 days ago until now rooted

  • Even by strictly program can't identified

    Sttricly rules

    Strictly cyber tricks

    Just find agen8cy and by AL together following me

    Big size data send you how send them

  • Bitdefender assistants didn't work for and didn't belive I've documented by screen that you believe me, even Norton 360 sent me messages for some threats. It's not enough or not important

  • Hi,

    So, to begin with, I have deleted the second thread, as there was a duplicate. If I understood correctly, you have experienced an issue with your device and it has suffered damage to the point where it can no longer be used?

    I'm not sure how we can help here. In the event you have been a victim of a cyberattack, I would suggest contacting our Support engineers, as information from the device is required in order to get a clear picture of what happened. Data can be obtained from the affected device if Bitdefender was still installed at the moment of the alleged attack.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards