View App usage on daily basis

Is there a way to see the app usage statistic for a specific day (eg. yesterday)?

I only can see the app usage of today and the past week. If my kid was yesterday 8 hours watching movies, because i had to work (not in homeoffice), the statistic of the past week is useless for me.

I need to see the app usage of the past week for every day. Can i export these days anywhere?

Thanks in advance



  • Hello @Dave_ and welcome to the Community!

    The usage statistics can only be viewed for the current day or the past week in Central. You can also enable the child activity reports from your online Central account, so that you'll receive them per e-mail on a daily or weekly basis. You can set your preferences and choose between the "Daily" or "Weekly" options available in the picklist by following the steps described below:

    If screen time is a concern, you can also limit your child’s time on a device by following the instructions presented in the below article:

    Let us know if the information is helpful.