Does Bitdefender work with 3rd-party sandboxes?


I have a question. Does Bitdefender work with 3rd-party Sandboxes like Comodo sandbox, or more specifically, will Bitdefender be able to scan and monitor the programs inside it?

Also one small thing - HIPS works with Bitdefender behavioral protection, am I right?

Hopefully you can answer my question, however I would not be surprised if not, since I'm asking something that is not only about Bitdefender, but also Comodo.

Thanks in advance for your answer, and have a nice day!


  • Hello @Andrew-M

    HIPS from what I can figure out is a behavioral protection from Comodo. As this can be atributed to the OSS category, it is not recommended to run them both at the same time. This was not tested, so I cannot pronounce myself. Also, third party sandboxes were not tested in this context.

    However, you may ask this question to our Support engineers and they might be able to provide further advice regarding this.

    To get in touch with them, click on the link below: