How to turn off "Device at Risk" warning when a specific protection feature is not enabled

I do not want or need Bitdefender to scan every webpage that I visit, therefore I have Web Protection turned off. Now I get a big red warning that my device is at risk. How to I accept this risk and have Bitdefender quit telling me that the device is at risk?


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    Do you get this notification in the program's dashboard:

    If so, that feature is called Autopilot.

    "To offer you an effective operation and increased protection while carrying out different activities, Bitdefender Autopilot will act as your personal security advisor. Depending on the activity you perform, either you work, make online payments, watch movies, or play games Bitdefender Autopilot will come up with contextual recommendations based on your device usage and needs. The proposed recommendations may also be related to actions that you need to perform to keep your product working at its full capacity. To start using a suggested feature or make improvements into your product, click the corresponding button."

    You can't disable or hide that feature and the recommendations you see in the feature.


  • Indeed, the antivirus is built to have all defenses active and in the event some are disabled, it will return this message that cannot be disabled from the dashboard.


  • Thanks. That answers my question. Not the answer that I wanted but at least I know it is not something that can be done with the product as it is currently written.