Threat detection


  • Hi

    On 9-6, bite defender reported a detection and resolution. Quick scan and system scans done afterward reported similar matter being discovered and resolved. On 9-8, same matter detected/resolved. Any insight? Given repeat appearance, is it really being resolved?

    Thanks! System report was as follows - identical on 9-6 and 9-8

    An infected file attempted to run on your device.

    Threat name: Trojan.GenericKD.61760260

    Path: /Users/davelawrence/Library/Containers/ 16/Records/029F157C0FC1CC5E7FCB775895224C2BEA374391/Resource/659D4D5A016C7D93C9AC17ECF09BCF3087E9CD83-blob

    We deleted the file to prevent malicious commands from being executed on your device.

  • Hello @dflgr,

    This looks like a case for the malware engineers. Kindly contact the Support Teams using the link below, as further information is required from the device and the engineers will provide the necessary steps to follow: