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Can you return to the Wallet?

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I have just purchased BD Premium Security and tried the Password Manager which has proved disastrous. How do you return to the Wallet?

Principally there are two users (on a TEN device subscription) but you can only have ONE password Manager account. This is unacceptable. However I can see no way to return to the two wallets that we had prior to this useless upgrade. Near future is not good enough.

Can multiple users share one Bitdefender Password Manager subscription? 

For now, the ability to have multiple users on the same Password Manager subscription is not available but we are working on enabling this feature in the near future.


  • Hello @Stonebridge and welcome to the Community!

    The multi-user option has been discussed in the forum on several occasions and upon receiving valuable feedback from our members, the developers have started to work on this feature. We don't have a release date yet, as the feature must pass rigorous testing once developed and this may take some time, but as soon as it becomes available, I'll make sure the community will be the first to know. Check my comments in the thread below:

    Since the Password Manager is included in the Premium Security suite, you cannot revert to the Wallet, as it's been replaced by the upgraded standalone manager.


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  • Scott
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    @Stonebridge If you wanted to contact Support and see if they could downgrade you to Total Security to be able to use Wallet again until BD comes out with the Password Manager multi-user option, that's up to you.

    You could then get a five-device subscription for the two of you, a little cheaper, which can also be used on multiple platforms. The two main features Total Security doesn't have compared to Premium Security is Unlimited VPN, and Password Manager. But then, that is probably why you tried Premium Security?

    If you had previously exported your Wallet passwords to your PC and you still have that export file, they could be imported back into Total Security Wallet.

    Just a thought :)


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  • Thanks both for your replies. I have been in touch with BD Support (who have extended the license by three months in compensation), but the situation is still far from satisfactory.

    I upgraded as we need need 6 devices protected, we had a separate VPN license, and as the BDTS was due to expire in October, I took advantage of a deal that was offered. This surprisingly started the day of purchase, the existing BDTS license still had over a month to run, despite the assurance that "By choosing to renew the same product, you will keep the remaining days of your current subscription." Essentially TS and VPN are the same product, just now bundled together, so it was unexpected to lose out. In fact BOTH TS and PS became valid - giving me 15 devices in theory, whereas I had anticipated that I could add-on 12 months to the existing protection, even if I had to delay activation of the new PS.

    IMO BD have been less than upfront about the changes, sending out multiple invitations (such as the one in Scotts message, and others by email) WITHOUT stating the caveat that only one user, out of the 10 possible, can use the Password Manager. This must be a major block to many, and BD should not have introduced the add-on until it was 'fit for purpose'. There are two of us sharing the household PC's and Phones, and we each had wallets. I have now had to download a stand-alone password manager, and spend many hours configuring it. Reverting back now would, I feel, cause more problems than it would be worth.

    They are also negligent for failing to spell out to existing BD users upgrading to BDPS how to migrate the license. It is, in fact ridiculously easy in BD Central. But in all the info when purchasing, the focus is on downloading and installing, none of which is necessary when upgrading from BDTS to BDPS. I, and many other I suspect, rarely have need to go into BD Central - and for the information of anyone changing in the future you simply need to go to "My Subscriptions" then 'Manage', go onto the old subscription (if it still exists), and do a one click migration to the new for each device.

    As a BD user of many years, this is the closest I have come to moving away to an alternative for internet protection. A whole load of unnecessary hassle.

  • Stonebridge

    Recently, after a BD update, the log-in for the Wallet appears again every time the PC is booted up, but is inoperative after the password has been entered.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Stonebridge,

    As I have noticed you have the Premium Security package installed, I assume you are referring to the Password Manager?

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  • Stonebridge

    No - it is definitely the Wallet log-in which appears. My partner has the Password Manager installed, so I cannot set up my own version and have had to find a 3rd party password manager. But in the last few weeks whenever I boot up my computer, I get the WALLET pop-up to input the password.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Stonebridge and thank you for following up.

    If you are not using the Wallet, you can disable it by clicking on 'Privacy' on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface. Then, In the 'Wallet' panel, turn off the respective switch.

    In the 'Security Settings' section, the following options are also available for configuration:

    Ask for my master password when I login to my device - you will be prompted to insert your master password when you access the device.

    Ask for my master password when I open my browsers and apps - you will be prompted to insert your master password when you access a browser or an app.

    Do not ask me for my master password - you will not be prompted to insert your master password when you access the device, a browser or an app.

    Automatically lock Wallet when I leave my device unattended - you will be prompted to insert your master password when you return to your device after 15 minutes.

    Let us know if the Wallet login is still required after disabling/setting these preferences.


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  • Stonebridge

    "● Do not ask me for my master password - you will not be prompted to insert your master password when you access the device, a browser or an app."

    That seems to have worked - thanks. No idea why the pop-up log-in suddenly started to appear. I have not been able to use the Wallet since last September.