Turning off scan of downloads

Updated things to get rid of infinite looping pop-ups, but ever since my last update Bitdefender is being hyper-aggressive in 'virus scan failed' anything I try to download. I tried adding sites like facebook and google to exceptions and it seems to work half the time (I can download google images now, not facebook ones) but I don't want to have to add exceptions for practically every page on the internet. Since there seems to be no option of 'don't block downloads' or 'ask me instead of blocking automatically' or anything else sensical... how do you turn off that 'feature' of Bitdefender? (Other then uninstalling Bitdefender and picking different security software)?


  • for context, going into [bitdefender -> antivirus -> advanced -> (off) bitdefender shield] makes no difference / stuff keeps getting blocked

  • Gjoksi


    Bitdefender Online Threat Prevention ensures a safe browsing experience by alerting you about potential malicious webpages.

    Bitdefender provides real-time online threat prevention for:

    ● Internet Explorer

    ● Microsoft Edge

    ● Mozilla Firefox

    ● Google Chrome

    ● Safari

    ● Bitdefender Safepay™

    ● Opera

    To configure Online Threat Prevention settings:

    1. Click Protection on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface.

    2. In the ONLINE THREAT PREVENTION pane, click Settings.

    In the Web Protection sections, click the switches to turn on or off:

    Web attack prevention blocks threats coming from the internet, including drive-by downloads.


    Remember: You are doing this at your own risk!!!


  • Thank you very much, I turned it off, I'll see if it keeps running into issues. And yea, at my own risk. I'd be happy to not take that risk if the technology was sufficient to allow me to conduct normal operations in my browser. But my browser isn't decorative, I do download images and other content off of what are normally considered secure sites, so until Bitdefender's technology is good enough to handle actual use of the internet.. I have to just start disabling things. And if I have to disable enough things I have to accept that Bitdefender isn't ready for actual human use, uninstall it, and install a proper security package. 'cause I gotta say the past month has been.. less then what I'd expect of a modern security package experience.

  • Nope. Still happening. Uninstalling and looking for a better security package out there, this is just too annoying to continue using

  • Oh, just for fun? here you go.