Premium VPN Is Blocking Chrome Remote Access

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Hi there,

I have a paid subscription of BD VPN and it appears to be blocking Chrome remote access to my home server, AnyDesk is installed as a backup and I can access it without issue as I added the app to the tunnel option.

Can anyone advise how I can successfully connect with CRD as I use this primarily for access. I do not seem to be able to add it as an exception anywhere.

Many thanks in advance, Andy


  • Hello @Asmetoma,

    I'm not exactly familiar with Chrome remote access, but if it's IP-based, most likely that's the reason behind the blocking issue. Anydesk should normally work without setting the exception. Teamviewer surely works and it's basically the same thing. I've found this old post that may shed some light on this:


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  • Bracken
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    Exactly the same issue here with chrome remote desktop. unable to bypass with split tunneling and one of the machines in the house that runs on the VPN keeps saying that the pc didn't respond to the connection. once i turn off the VPN I can connect.

  • Hi,

    I think it will be necessary for the engineers to have a look here. You can reach them at the following link:

    Please include the following details in your request:

    • The OS and version on which the vpn is running
    • The email address associated with the Central account
    • Whether the problem occurs only on mobile data/Ethernet or only on wifi or present on both.


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