How Can I Import Safari Passwords Into Password Manager?

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I'm trying to get Password Manager (PM) up and running on my Macbook Pro. When I follow the steps to import data into PM from a browser it does not give Safari as an option in the file list. Am I missing something? Are Safari Passwords called something else? Is there a simple (non-geek) way to do this? I'd appreciate any advice.


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    "Bitdefender can seamlessly transfer data only from the applications mentioned below in CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, 1pif, and FSK format. Here’s the full list, in alphabetical order:

    1Password, Bitwarden, Bitdefender Password Manager, Bitdefender Wallet, Bitwarden, ByePass, Chrome browser, Claro, Dashlane, Edge browser, ESET Password Manager v2, ESET Password Manager v3, F-Secure, Firefox browser, Gestor de contraseñas – Claro, Gestor de contraseñas – SIT, Gestor de contraseñas – Telnor, KeePass 2.x, LastPass, Panda Dome Passwords, PassWatch, Saferpass, SFR Cybersécurité, SIT, StickyPassword, Telnor, Watchguard."

    Since Safari is not listed, you should follow the instructions in this article:

    Also, the latest version of Password Manager supports the following web browsers:

    Microsoft Edge: (based on Chromium 80 and later) on Windows 7 and later

    Mozilla Firefox: version 65 on Windows 7 and later

    Google Chrome: version 72 on Windows 7 and later

    Safari**: version 12 on Windows 7 and later

    * System performance may be affected on devices that have old generation CPUs

    ** Coming soon

    @Alexandru_BD Anything to add here? Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Nothing to add here, let's see if @TC1959 can import data successfully, if not, we'll ask the engineers for further advice.


  • Thank you very much for your prompt responses Gjoksi and Alexandru_BD.

    I've looked at the workaround you suggested but I think given my browsing is always done on Safari and BitDefender Password Manager doesn't seamlessly support Safari then it is not the password solution for me. I will take advantage of the "refund inside 30 days" option.

    Disappointing because I use BitDefender across all my family's devices for protection and extending that to password protection seemed an easy solution. But we're an all Mac/iPhone/iPad family using Safari across those devices and buying into a password manager that doesn't naturally support the Safari browsing environment makes no sense.

    Again, thank you for your offers of support.

  • I know this comment is a little late, but I wonder if my idea would work. I am also only an Apple person and use Safari to browse on my Macs. Would a work around be importing passwords FROM safari into another supported browser such as Firefox, then importing those same passwords into password manager from the supported browser?