How Do I Import Passwords From Enpass Into BD Password Manager?

edited December 2022 in Password Manager

I have tried exporting as a json file but when I try to import I get a message that the file type is not supported. I then tried exporting as a CSV but got multiple errors on the import.


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    Bitdefender can seamlessly transfer data only from the applications mentioned below in CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, 1pif, and FSK format.

    Here’s the full list, in alphabetical order:

    1Password, Bitwarden, Bitdefender Password Manager, Bitdefender Wallet, Bitwarden, ByePass, Chrome browser, Claro, Dashlane, Edge browser, ESET Password Manager v2, ESET Password Manager v3, F-Secure, Firefox browser, Gestor de contraseñas – Claro, Gestor de contraseñas – SIT, Gestor de contraseñas – Telnor, KeePass 2.x, LastPass, Panda Dome Passwords, PassWatch, Saferpass, SFR Cybersécurité, SIT, StickyPassword, Telnor, Watchguard.

    Since the name of your password manager Enpass is not listed above, you should do the steps from this article: