Why Since Today I Am Not Able To Activate BD Password Manager In My Google Account?

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until yesterday everything was working well indeed

since today when I select the tool while working in google, it does not start and sends me to sign in on the web

but first, it asks me to select a password, notwithstanding I have already set it a long time before

and it continues to run this strange task over and over, and I cannot open it in order to work in google sessions

can you give me some help in hand?

thank you



  • Flexx
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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Skeppa,

    Following up on Flexx's comment, could you please share with us more details, are you referring to the Password Manager extension, since you have posted the thread in this category, and what exactly is happening?


  • Hello @Alexandru_BD

    note that you can't find here attached a ste-by-step pitch...

    because I'm 58 but too young to put contents here... :-(

    [hardly understandable 4 me]

    I'm talking about my very last experience with Bitdefendere Password Manager, after 1 month and out of the blue: now I cannot use my tool any time... totally unusefull...

    20221226 Bitdefender Password Manager - Step by step issue

    1-     I click on the google puzzle icon as usual to activate my Bitdefender Password Manager tool

    2-     I click on Bitdefender Password Manager in order to digit the password

    3-     After a long time run, sometimes it forces me to set a new password instead of letting me directly put in the existing password …

    4-     Sometimes when I try to log in on the web, it continues to run until I decide to shut it down; many attempts done, and my pc already switched off/on

    5- When I set the new password, it begins another time to answer me to access before use it… it is a loop!!!

    many attempts done, my pc already switched off, Bitdefender google extension already uninstalled and newly installed, ...

    What can I do, please?

  • Hello @Skeppa,

    This looks a bit more complicated than I expected. I think the best way to move forward would be to make an inquiry to our Support engineers and ask them for further guidance, because based on your description, this doesn't seem to be the natural behaviour of Password Manager and there might be other things to check. Head to the link below and choose between the available contact channels to get in touch with an engineer who can provide further assistance:


    If possible, kindly share your findings with the community as well, so we can help other members that may encounter this issue in the future.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation and have a wonderful day.


    I will do both: request of some help in hand to the official support, and sharing of findings with our community

    I wish you all the best