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How Can I Get My Wallet Back After My Password Manager Trial Has Expired?

edited December 2022 in Password Manager

Hi. I have been using BD Wallet for some years. Great. But, after repeated advertisement by BD, I decided to try out Password Manager. OK. Importing my BD Wallet into Password Manger was straightforward and instantaneous. Good. But ...

I decided that I would not spend extra money on top of my annual Bitdefender Total Security subscription which includes a decent Wallet. So, after expiration of the Password Manager (PM) trial, I wanted to return to my Wallet. Bu that seems far from straightforward...

Exporting to a CSV file (the only option available with PM) was straightforward alright. However, the Wallet does not want to read a CSV file, but only a DB file ! This causes is my first frustration with Bitdefender after many years of satisfactory use.

So, 1) How do I get BD Wallet to read my PW-CSV file?

2) Alternatively, how can I easily convert the CSV file to a BD file?

3) Should not Password Manager be able to export in the same format that it imported the BD Wallet database from? Are they not two applications of the same Security Software?

A hand in solving my problem would really make a happy end to my year 2022 ...




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    • I have the same question coming up at Password manager renewal - until the manager supports multiple accounts. I do not want to buy three separate PM licences......