Bitdefender add-in caused outlook to crash

I think this problem may be related to Bitdefender (BD) trying to scan SSL certificates? But I can't find the switch to turn this activity off. This problem was reported in earlier versions - however the current version of BD no longer has this option.

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    Hello @Merlin309,

    Bitdefender’s Online Threat Prevention module may alert you when you try to visit a secured website (HTTPS) with an invalid security certificate. It tends to be websites with lots of ads, such as news websites, and analytics companies with an expired certificate trying to establish a connection. If you wish, you can check their SSL certificates at

    To resolve the issue you are facing, uninstall any unknown programs and browser add-ons from your computer, revoke Web Push permissions for the sites allowed to display messages on your screen, reset your browser and install an ad blocker. For detailed instructions, read – Remove adware, pop-ups, and browser redirects from your PC.

    If you use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, clean up your inbox by deleting emails from unknown senders. Delete all SPAM/Junk as well. Finally, empty the trash on your email account.

    Should you wish to disable this protection layer (not a recommended action), you can turn off the Encrypted web scan feature:



  • Yes - thank you. I could not find the switch to disable scans of the SSL certificates. Bitdefender SSL scanning has been noted (upon my search of the internet for solutions) as a frequent problem causing Outlook to crash - after which Outlook completely disables the entire Bitdefender add-in. I'd much rather have Most of the Bitdefender protections simply by locking out the one troublesome one.

    Thanks again 😊😊😊 Merlin309

  • Thank you @Merlin309 for your confirmation, glad I could help.