Brand New Windows 11 Pro PC And Search Advisor Still Doesn't Work In Bing. Any Fix For The Issue?

I know there've been several discussions about this issue going back to 2020 (or even earlier) , but in this case it is a pristine environment:

Brand new Dell XPS 15 9520, Windows 11 Professional, nothing installed by me yet except Bitdefender Total Security.

No other browsers installed yet. Just Microsoft Edge.

And yes, I disabled QUIC.

Search Advisor icons do not appear in Bing searches. (But oddly, they do appear in Google searches).

No other security suite installed (the first thing I do when I get a new PC is uninstall the McAfee suite that comes with it). All drivers, firmware, OS, software, Edge, and of course Bitdefender Total Security fully up to date with latest versions. Fresh install.

Using Bitdefender Total Security. Paying BD customer since 2012



  • Gjoksi


    Just checked on my laptop.

    Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64-bit

    BD Total Security

    Firefox 108.0.1

    Same as in your case. Search Advisor icons do appear in Google, but not in Bing.


    Any explanation?


  • Cosmin P.
    Cosmin P. QA Engineer ✭✭✭


    Could you please try again with the 'Open links in new tab' option turned off?

    Thank you.

  • @Gjoksi - Thank you for chiming-in.

    @Cosmin P. - You are definitely onto something there! That (temporarily) works. The problem is, either Edge refuses to save the setting, or Bitdefender protection prevents the setting from being changed. If I do a Bing search for , say ... "old truck" ... I can see the option to disable links opening in new tab, AND also when I go to Edge , Settings, More, Results, and uncheck "Open links from" options, Save, the next time I open Edge it forgets those settings and goes right back to opening the search results in a new tab.

    Using Bitdefender Total Security. Paying BD customer since 2012

  • Cosmin P.
    Cosmin P. QA Engineer ✭✭✭

    So there's a known issue where we do not always mark the links as safe/untrusted/malware if the "Open links in new tab" is toggled (using bing). We are currently working on a fix. However, even if the icon doesn't appear, if you navigate to a dangerous webpage, you will still be protected.