Bitdefender VPN connecting to "sh" domain

I have Bitdefender VPN installed on a MacBook Pro 16" 2019 that is up-to-date in all macOS and software updates. Over the past several days when I enable Bitdefender VPN it appears that it is connecting to a "sh" domain (Saint Helena, off the coast of Brazil). My location is central time zone in the United States and it appears to connect to "sh" whether I connect to VPN as "automatic" or set my location to "Chicago". In fact, a few times my default language in Chrome has changed to Portuguese (the native language of Brazil).

I run Ookla Speedtest to check my internet speed and when not connected to Bitdefender VPN, Ookla chooses a server local to my area. However, as soon as I connect to Bitdefender VPN, Ookla changes my location to an "sh" domain. If I change my connection to New York, Bitdefender VPN appears to change my location to the country of Denmark.

This doesn't seem right. I would think that if I am connecting to a Bitdefender VPN in Chicago, that my location would be Chicago and that my language settings would not change.