How to stop BD from quarantining and or 'locking' files that are in already excluded folders?

I'm currently working with C2 frameworks as part of cybersecurity training, I have to generate payloads using various tools, of course Bitdefender detects them (that's normal and I'm not mad about it, it's just doing what it's coded to do). The problem is that I manually added the folder to exclusions and BD still detects stuff from it. Also I can't add any exclusions for 'Advanced threat defense' it always blocks and quarantines various payloads (again this is 100 % fine and required in most cases, most people want the AV to block Metasploit payloads regardless of exceptions, I'm just the black sheep.) If there is a way to stop this, please let me know otherwise I might have to consider switching to a security product with more flexibility.

PS: I know VM's would be the answer but my current laptop is built for gaming and doesn't have the specs needed to run a Kali + Windows VM at the same time plus other browsers and programs.


  • Hello @Imahotdog and welcome to the Community!

    Have you also added the .exe files as exceptions for the Advanced Threat Detection module and Bitdefender still blocks and quarantines them? It's unclear for me if these are already excluded, or they cannot be excluded at all for some reason.


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