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Infected Webpage Detected. Any Suggestions?

Ok so I'll wait before posting the address that it's ok with you before I do but this is my question.

I play games on BlueStacks an android emulator for Windows. I installed a game and for some super strange reason, when I run the game it triggers BitDefender, it reports the game is trying to open a website and that site has serious issues which I have scanned the site with multiple online scanners and none says they are problems with the site.

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  • DustyLint
    edited January 2023

    Thanks I will contact them, I'll paste the entire thing except the webpage details on the warning again here but I will contact them, thank you.


    Infected web resource detected

    one minute ago


    Online Threat Prevention

    We blocked this dangerous page for your protection:


    Accessed by: Ld9BoxHeadless.exe

    Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.


    The android game is Immortal Sword: Return

    Opening it on LDPlayer or Bluestacks, the result is the same, a spam of warnings from BitDefender which is totally blocking the game from loading.