Wrong country website comes up when VPN used (Yahoo.brazil)

Windows 11 - Bitdefender Premium VPN Version, Bitdefender Total Security

If i open Firefox without VPN, it correctly opens www.yahoo.com (home page)

With VPN active, a new Firefox app opens br.yahoo.com (Brazil's Yahoo) by default.

I've tried deleting all cookies, data, history in Firefox and rebooting. No luck.

VPN is set for automatic USA location, and IP appears to be Chicago address.

I can toggle in and out of VPN and get above behavior with a new window.

Any suggestions are appreciated.




  • Hello @Mike S.

    if you are accessing Yahoo, it will also take into account some cookies and your account settings, especially if you are logged in.

    First, check if this behaviour occurs with another browser as well, apart from Firefox and also choose other cities in the US, not just Chicago and let's see if it's displayed in the same way.