Malicious Command Line Detected, But Bitdefender Says I'm Safe. Any Explanation?

I'm pretty sure I have something causing issues but can't for the life of me figure out what. I've scanned with BitDefender several times yet I always come up clean. It started a week or so ago with my CPU using three cores at 100% (using HWMonitor to check this) and as soon as I opened Task Manager they stopped. Did some Googling and found that it may be a miner hiding somewhere.

I downloaded TCPViewer and found that conhost.exe looked a bit fishy as I have several of them (see image) and two of them, the highlighted ones, seem odd. If I check the Properties I don't have access to change their priority and there's no path to where it's running from either

Today, BitDefender gave me the Malicious Code message as I booted the PC after a Windows Update, and this has me confused. I know what PowerShell is but use it extremely rarely at work so I have little knowledge of what the code actually means and Google hasn't been real helpful.

Does anyone have any idea what my problem may be, what's causing it and how I get rid of it ><?

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