BD Password Manager Extension Doesn't Show Up In Google Chrome. Any Help?

I have just loaded the 90 day trial for the Bitdefender Password Manager and cannot find how to get it to run in Chrome. The App only shows up in Msoft Edge (which I do not use)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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    In the Google Chrome browser, the extensions are hidden by default, making them harder to spot. To access the Password Manager icon, first click on the small jigsaw puzzle icon near the address bar. The “Extensions” menu will appear, displaying all your enabled add-ons. You can pin the Bitdefender Password Manager add-on to the toolbar so that it always remains visible by clicking the pushpin icon next to it.


  • I can access Extensions, but Bitdefender is not there in Chrome. It is in Edge, which I do not use.

    I'm going back to Lastpass.

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