BD Total Security: How Can I Reorder The Existing Rules In Firewall?

I want to block all connections to a specific app but only release some ports to several targeted IP addresses. I have added the allowed rules and then the block-all ruler. However, the ordering of the rules changed after I plug the PC into a different network and the block-all rule go above the others which made the app unusable. Manually re-add all rules are not an option. How can I reorder the existing rules? Thanks.


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    Hello @Mr. K and welcome to the Community!

    Well, when it comes to the order in which the rules are applied, the order in which they were created matters. As far as I know, they are ordered chronologically and cannot be reordered. However, in this specific scenario I guess it's better to ask our engineers for assistance. You can reach them by choosing one of the available contact channels at the link below:

    Let us know how it goes.


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  • Thanks for your reply. I have sent the question to them.