Bypass kali linux vm


-Windows 11 Home

-VMware Workstation 17

-Kali Linux 22.4 vm


  1. I wanna bypass all Kali vm traffic so that BitDefender won't block it while Kali doing port scanning for example

Is that possible?




  • Flexx
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    Kindly contact the bitdefender support by visiting and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can get in touch with support representative either by email, chat or over a call.

    Alternatively, you can also share your query with bitdefender mobile support team by dropping them an email at [email protected]

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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  • katamaran
    edited February 17

    I had a similar issue. I couldn't install some of the kali tools because the sites were blocked by the AV. i'm not sure if there is a permanent fix yet, but I just disabled my AV for the install and turned it back on once everything was finished. Not sure if it'll be a problem in the future.