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Why I Cannot Post A Topic With Pic Attached Within Content Body? Spam Block Timer Should Be Reduced.

subham ✭✭✭
edited February 2023 in General Topics

I try to post an idea to Bitdefender community expert forum.I'm 3 years old member returning back after a long time.

I get a message "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links."

What above statement means while posting anything?

How can I get overcome it & became able to express my concerns with pictures within message body or sentence stanza?Lack of picture within body will make any technical issue difficult to discuss with even for professional & new users.

I cannot upload a snapshot JPEG file (size: 23.72KB) too.

Also, below annoying policy will make many of users not interested in this forum.

"You have posted 1 times within 240 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 600 seconds before attempting to post again."

This forum has very low active users at a certain time in compared with Microsoft Answers although million users registered them with Bitdefender forum.But little to no one show interest in replying more than 1-3 threads. Effect is a thread is read or replied after 2 days.Many less amount of users read a thread or participate in discussion.

I think the purpose of this low number of online available member at a certain moment or low reply rate is directly dependent on Spam Block timer.A tech savvy person took only 4-5 minutes to reply a thread or topic with typing.So spam block timer should be reduced to 240-300 seconds instead of 600 seconds.

600 seconds means 10 minutes. In this fast pace digital age who bothers to spend their life's precious 10 minutes on this forum to reply other users query just out of mercy(Until unless Bitdefender paid staff or support agent). If it is within 5 minutes still non paid professionals will try to compose reply one after another.But after 5 minutes when they see message like waiting upto 600 seconds; they loose their mind focus to discuss the matter with fellow members due to such interruption.Rather they get busy on any other webpage or Sign out of the forum.

I know many disagree with me,but criticize is also necessary for betterment.What is others view?

Best Answer

  • Gjoksi
    Answer ✓


    I promoted you to Level 2.

    You can now make your own thread(s) and/or post screenshot(s).



  • subham
    subham ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your reply & action.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @subham and welcome back to the Community!

    I would like to thank you for your valuable observation.

    Our forum is equipped with several layers of SPAM prevention. While automated tools do most of the work, we also rely on the member's vigilance to report such posts. Currently, there are two spam-detection addons that represent the automated side and in the near future, we plan on boosting spam protection to a new level.

    The 10-minute spamblock is part of the flood control defense which helps prevent spam on the forum, by limiting the number of discussions & comments that members can post within a given period of time.

    The ability to post images is also restricted until Level 2 is reached and we have configured the forum this way because there are many individuals out there that register with the sole purpose of spamming, by pushing their irelevant content on our page. A new user may of course post comments and open new threads, but we limit the images until we get to know each other better, or at least until the user's intentions become clear. 🙂

    I have revised the flood control settings and based on your feedback, we have concluded it's best to decrease this limit from 10 to 3 minutes with immediate effect.

    This forum has very low active users at a certain time in compared with Microsoft - Microsoft is probably bigger than us and surely they have more resources available on their forum. We rely on the user's contribution mostly and we are a smaller community when compared to them. The Expert Community has only 2 admins that are part of Bitdefender and our moderators are trusted and experienced members who contribute and help other peers on their own time.

    I can tell you that our forum has experienced an exponential growth in the past year and we are not only counting the posts and comments here, or the response timeframe, but also the overall traffic. It has become a valuable source of infomation for our users with plenty of self-service guidelines, interesting articles, user experiences and meaningful conversations revolving on the product and more.

    Since you have recently returned to our forum, I would recommend this thread for more context on posting and forum rules, to get you back onboard smoothly:

    Regards and welcome back once again!

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user