how to navigate in rescue environment

It is not clear when to use arrows, tab and so on when in  rescue environment.

I have Bitdefender Premium.

The pdf-manual that I got along with the produkt is from 2020! and there is no description or images about how to navigate in rescue environment?


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    Kindly have a look at below stated link by bitdefender support staff and follow the procedure.


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  • Hello @sax,

    The publication date of the user guide is indeed 2020, however, the manual is constantly updated to display new product features along with guidelines, when available. Kindly refer to the article posted by Flexx above, for more information regading the Rescue environment and let us know if you have any questions.


  • This is NOT answering my question!

    The article you are pointing to is describing how to start a rescue environment scan. It is NOT deskribing how to navigate, when the scan is going on. You have no mouse support in the environment and there is no deskribtion of which keys are used to navigate.

    Please read and answer the question next time and not something near by. I have had the same experience with support. Not reading and not answering. Use the necessary time or it is waste of your and mine time!

    Best regards Sax

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    Hi @sax,

    What exactly are you trying to do in the rescue environment? During the scan, there is mouse support, as it can be observed in the screenshot below:

    Instead of booting windows, it boots you in a full Bitdefender scan window. After the scan is complete, Bitdefender takes actions on what infections are found, if any, and it lets you boot into Windows afterwards. But it's not possible to navigate on the device while this process is ongoing, if this is what you are asking. I might have misunderstood your question, certainly it was not my intention to answer nearby. I need to know exactly what you are looking for and what's unclear after reading the relevant section of the user guide.