Password Manager Crash, But No Update For More Than A Month. Any News?

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I was told more than a month ago that password manager would get an update with the monthly update of BD. However, still nothing happened.... I have been waiting more than a month now for password manager to resume working! Unbelievable! And why do users (or am I the only one?) not receive any information about this fiasco, explaining what is going on?


  • Hello @popko,

    Can you share with us more information on the crash? On what devices are you experiencing this, what browser are you using and when does this happen, after performing a specific task, or randomly? Also, what version of Password Manager do you have?


  • Hi Alexandru,

    Thanks for your reply. As you may have noticed, I'm already pretty annoyed with how much time it takes to solve this problem. The only answer I received sofar was 'just wait until the update'.

    My version of PM is 1.2.3.

    I'm using a Windows 10 pc (fully updated) and Firefox browser (latest version).

    The problem is that when I try to log in into PM (the Firefox extension), it shows the mesage 'prime subscription expired'. When I press activate, it leads me to BD Central from where I can install the PM extension. But reinstalling the extension does not cure the problem. Hence, I'm stuck.

    regards, popko

  • Hi Alexandru,

    I did not get a followup on the issue I have at hand with password manager. I am not able to use it for already more than two months. I payed a new subscription in January, but that has been a waste of money sofar.

    Any news on what the problem is with my subscription?

    best, popko

  • Hi @popko,

    This may take a bit longer to resolve. I have checked your ticket and it has been escalated to Technical Tier 3 for more investigation. It has been acknowledged that in your case, Password Manager acts as if there is no subscription, even though you obviously have a subscription. Once this behavior is corrected, you may ask for a validity extension to compensate for the unused subscription time.

    Kindly await for further updates on the open case. The engineers will get back to you as soon as they have news.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Dear Alexandru,

    Unfortunately, my patience and understanding has finished after two months. I have moved on to another password manager. It would be greatly appreciated if you could stop my subscription and if I could get a refund. I I need to arrange this with another department, perhaps you could let me know which one.

    I hope that you understand that it is unacceptable to buy something that it not working for over two months. BD also has not given any indication that they treat this as high priority; I have not received any information at all. The lack of more detailed information on the issue is also unsatisfactory. The one sentence you write now is the first explanation of the problem since I reported it.

    I have used BD since 2016. I also advised it to colleagues and friends. The total security package is still serving me very well and I will continue to use it. Hoping I will not run into the same problems as with the password manager.

    best regards,

    Popko Wiersma

  • Hello @popko,

    Thank you for following up. I understand this can be frustrating and I'm sorry to hear of this inconvenience.

    Should you wish to obtain a refund for your Password Manager subscription, kindly submit your request by contacting [email protected] and specify your previous ticket number and the reasoning behind your request (technical grounds), since 30 days of your initial purchase have already passed. You may also refer to this thread.

    Considering all the above, our commercial representatives should initiate the refund process, as per your request.

    I regret we could not meet your expectations this time, but should you reconsider our Password Manager service in the future, please don't hesitate to reach our Support Teams for further advice and updates.