Bitdefender just did not update and my W10 computer has problems

Microsoft Outlook, Office, and the headphones do not work. I tried to start in safe but it did not work then either.


  • Hello @jmparret and welcome to the Community!

    Can you tell us what are the clues that suggest the problems are caused by the antivirus? At first glance, this might also be a temporary network connectivity issue, if other programs that access the internet are also offline..

    Did the update process start at all? Since when did this behaviour occur, after a Windows update or any other notable changes on the device? Did you encounter any error message during the update attempt? In order for Bitdefender to update, the computer must be connected to the internet, as it updates as soon as it manages to successfully download the update files, but whenever an update fails, the product usually returns an error message that can be interpreted afterwards.

    There are a few unknown aspects and more information is necessary for us to help.


  • Thanks for your input. I just reinstalled W10 and solved my problems. Now i have to reset the computer which will take a while but everything will work correctly now.