Safepay Bookmarks: Sort By Name Or Drag And Drop Them Into Their Preferred Sequence


As I add bookmarks to Safepay, they are displayed in the sequence that they are added, so last-added bookmark appears last in the list. After a while, with more bookmarks added, it becomes difficult to locate a bookmark

Could the developers offer a sort option to sort by name? I could then rename each bookmark with (say) '01', '02', etc. at the beginning to display the bookmarks in my chosen sequence.

An even better option would be for the user to be able to drag and drop them into their preferred sequence.

Could you let me know whether this can be added to the developer's maintenance schedule please? And when the feature could be implemented? The coding for this would be easy for any competent programmer.

Thanks a lot.

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  • Scott
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    Hi @FrodoGaldalf

    You are not alone, as along the same line this has been brought up before, but at least you're asking for it as a feature request :)

    From the pinned topic in this sub forum, will also give an idea of what may or ay not happen with a feature request idea.If you get a lot of positive votes, it can possibly help it to be considered a bit more.

    • While some features might be declined from start, others may have greater chances of being developed in the future. However, this doesn't mean that some ideas are good and others are bad. Any idea is welcome and usually, there's a need behind that idea.
    • To set clear expectations, we do not guarantee that an answer to an idea will be provided straight away. If there is a demand for a feature and if there are ways to do it, there are chances for development in the future. Although some ideas may not gain traction at first, suggestions can be reviewed later on and included in the roadmap along with other developments, when the time is right.

    Thank you for posting your request, it is appreciated :)



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  • Hi,

    Indeed, this question has been raised before and currently there is no option to sort the bookmarks in any way.

    However, there are no guarantees of development yet. The product developers always analyze feature requests based on many criteria and some will not be implemented even if they may have low complexity, as long as they do not provide value for a relevant mass of users. The priority is to develop new things that bring additional benefits and protection for all users, as the threat landscape evolves. Nevertheless, this suggestion has been previously brought to their attention and we are looking forward to see if this is something they would consider in the future.