Malware Not Detected

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Here are some VirusTotal link of some malware for which Bitdefender doesn't seem to have signatures yet. Please share these to the Anti-Malware team so that they can analyze and create signatures.

VirusTotal - File - 34b88f680f93385494129bfe3188ce7a0f5934abed4bf6b8e9e78cf491b53727

VirusTotal - File - 53ab0aecf4f91a7ce0c391cc6507f79f669bac033c7b3be2517406426f7f37f0

VirusTotal - File - 60e0279b7cff89ec8bc1c892244989d73f45c6fcc3e432eaca5ae113f71f38c5

VirusTotal - File - 5bdead742a01ecec91ff1458b54e44fada969d652eaa9fe345c0cdcc2a011d89

VirusTotal - File - 3828af2bf24f6daa6ebfc573ee3c6326d9bc4973134297dc6f463301ff3b330b

Here are two more hashes which are not available on Virustotal.

MD5 hash: ae8ae62aa04f06d32c548c2ef493a39f, 3515115d7efa1ac42bd56bc9348cd4f8

All the IOC's mentioned above can be found on these two research blogs:

@Alexandru_BD @Mike_BD @Flexx @Gjoksi