After I Installed BD On My Phone, Google Messages For PC And Pairing Devices Don't Work. Any Help?

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Hi guys,

After I installed Bitdefender on my Android phone, I've noticed that doesn't work and when I try to pair the phone with the desktop using camera on the QR code on the website, nothing happens. That is, the QR code isn't scanned.

I've looked into settings in Bitdefender, tried to turn off the Bitdefender website protection, viewed the phone permissions for Apps and camera, but cannot get this to work.

Any help/tips are appreciated!




  • Gjoksi
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    I did a test on my Samsung Galaxy A22 5G phone with Android 13 (Patched January 1, 2023) and BD Mobile Security version, and everything works fine.

    I can pair my phone with my laptop and use Messages for web without any problems.

    I used to have the same issue as you, but that was when i had my previous phone Alcatel 1s, which had very bad camera quality.

    But, since i moved to Samsung, never had the same issue again.

    Anyway, you could contact Bitdefender Mobile Support by e-mail:

    [email protected]

    or ask for help in the Messages Help Community:


  • Petosiris
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    Hi Gjoksi,

    Thank you for your reply and advice. I will check out the Bitdefender support and the Messages community, thanks. 👍️

    My mobile phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (model SM-N975F/DS). It use Android 12 (kernel version 4.14.113-24230781) at the moment. Bitdefender on the phone is version The phone isn't so old and I think the camera is fairly good. I'll try to clean the lense and see if that helps first. 🙂