Editing my own hosts file...good grief!!

I'm trying to simply edit some entries in my Windows hosts file, but Bitdefender keeps telling me I cannot because the file is open in Vulnerability.scan.exe. I've seem some quick suggestions by the mods here to simply disable vulnerability scan for the hosts file, but that does NOT work.

So far I've tried turning off almost everything...unchecking the hosts file scan (under Vulnerability Scan), then turning off the complete Vulnerability Scan option itself, and disabling antivirus, and disabling Advance Threat Defense...all those just to try to be able to edit my own hosts file! But none of these keeps me from getting the pop-up that I can't edit, or rename, or even delete the hosts file because it's "open in vulnerability.scan.exe" -- even with all the above disabled!!

I'd like to hear from someone who really knows this program and can tell me how to stop Bitdefender from completely controlling my own machine (and if I sounds totally frustrated with the program...well, right now I am.)

Honestly...the developers need to simply install a fail-safe 'STOP EVERYTHING' button that will fully pause everything for a few minutes. If it gets any more frustrating I'm going to have to consider other options after this.


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