Computer Infected while Running Bitdefender, What to do next?

Wonder if anyone can help with some advice..I was having problems with a Asus router that stopped assigning IPs, so I flashed a fresh Openwrt, hoping to fix the problem it was having. Next thing that happened when I plugged my PC into the router, the PC froze within a minute.

I held the power button to turn it off, and once it booted again Firefox disappeared completely and the Brave browser icon turned white.

I didn't want to take any chance, so I opened the laptop (Acer nitro) and put in a backup SSD I had. Upon booting with the backup SSD, I opened Firefox and it gave me a "Cannot load profile" error, and I got another windows error about not being able to log in, although I was logged in already with a local user. This backup drive has worked perfectly in this same laptop when I took it out last, weeks ago.

Any advice what to do from here? I replaced the router, and I don't think I'll be plugging that one in ever again..the problem happened as soon as I got an IP from it. How can I do the best scan on the computer, and is there any firmware scanning I can do? It seems the problem survived the reboot and interferes with the firefox profile.. which is very odd!



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    Hi @ccmne203

    To me, that sounds like a router and flash issue more than a Bitdefender issue. Especially since you fired up a backup SSD which probably was without BItdefender on it, and still had problems?

    This is something beyond what we are able to help you with here, and your best bet would be to contact Support and see what they have to say. If you wanted to start with Chat, that may be okay, but in this case, since it's more involved, maybe best to summarize your above post in an email to let them know what you're dealing with. I'm guessing they're going to say it's a router issue, and to contact your router support, but maybe they'll prove me wrong :) Bitdefender phone support is not toll-free, just so you know.

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