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Updates to the endpoint client of gravityzone bringing my machine to its knees

edited March 2023 in Enterprise Security

I know we have all had it at some point it our IT careers, you are happily using your laptop and then for no apparent reason the laptop's fan spins up, your processor gets busy and the performance of the PC gets sluggish.

I am getting this regularly during the working day and it coincides with the endpoint software on my machine updating itself.

  • I have tried leaving the machine on at night telling it to run a full-scan
  • I have tried looking at the gravityzone settings for something that'll say "don't run updates during the working day unless you have no other choice"
  • Looked for "sleep" button to delay BD non-essential activities till a time good for me
  • I downloaded the admin-setting version of the client and ran a repair
  • Made sure the machine has all the windows, manufacturer and bios updates

And's doing it again.

And it's also grabbing 740mb of Ram, which whilst in the face of it is not an issue for a machine with 16 GB still seems a little greedy and indicative of an underlying issue.

What strategies do you use to stop BD impact the performance of users' machines during the working day?

For reference my machine is

Inspiron 5482 serial number 1XBHGT2 made by Dell Inc. running Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise

Windows performance is 6.3 out of 10

16gb of Ram and an i7 processor

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