Christopher Reed

I have password manager on my laptop using Windows and I find that every time I go to my email programs (Gmail, Proton Mail or YouTube or Chrome etc. The program starts then Bitdefender pops up and asks me for a password so even after I have done this it keeps on doing it which is very irritating. Is it possible to just do this once.

Also, I keep getting messages coming up to say that something has changed in a program and should I allow or block it. So I have to manually do this is there anyway to make this automatic as half the time I have no idea what its referring to.

Any help would be appreciated



  • Hello @ChrisR931 and welcome back to the Community!

    In regards to the Password Manager login, tick the box "Disable login tab on startup" and also the "Remember me" box and let us know if the password is still being requested:

    Concerning the programs that are allowed to access the Internet, I think this is most likely related to the Firewall's Alert Mode feature. Alerts are shown each time an app tries to connect to the internet and you can select Allow or Block. To disable this option, go to Firewall -> Settings -> turn OFF Alert Mode.

    Let us know if the notifications to allow or block are still being displayed afterwards.