Firewall -> Always allow (grant access to internet) an app even if it updates?

Hi, I love bitdefender firewall, but I like to keep notifications of access to internet of any app turned on, the problem is that some apps like onedrive, keep updating almost dayly, so yo need to grant access everytime they update, which is really annoying... is there anyway to grant access to this apps even if they update??



  • Hello @gtavo and welcome to the Community!

    You could add exceptions to the firewall and this way the specified applications will be allowed network/Internet access under the specified circumstances, so it will no longer be necessary to grant internet access every time they need to update.

    Check the following article for instructions on how to add exceptions:

    Let us know if this works for you.


  • The article is to add a rule for a program, I already did, the problem is that when the program updates, bitdefender tells me that the program has been updated and asks to grant again permision to access internet for example I have now at least 20 rules for microsoft.sharepoint.exe because everytime bitdefender generates a new rule...

  • Hi @gtavo,

    That's how it works indeed, for any update the application is reanalyzed and new rules are added. There is no workaround for this, as far as I know.. if you disable the Alert Mode, do you still get notifications whenever they update?