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Outlook sending multiple emails



I have begun to get multiple emails being sent by outlook and it appears it maybe due to Bitdefender which I have recently moved to.

How do you resolve this?



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  • TheDGI
    Answer ✓

    You might try and disabling the AntiSpam feature from Bitdefender.

    1. Load Bitdefender (can right mouse click on taskbar icon and select show)
    2. Click Protection icon
    3. Scroll down to Antispam
    4. Click the slider so it becomes grey
    5. Restart your machine.

    Try outlook again and see if that resolves the issue.

    Outlook can have issues with a range of anti-virus software. I'm using Outlook 365 and the Anti-spam feature. It works perfectly. I'm unsure what version you are running but hopefully the above work around can remove the doubling up of your sent e-mails for now.

    PS: I do not work for Bitdefender, I'm just a user trying to be helpful :)


  • AllanR

    Thanks, hoping that has done it. Extended my server time out as well.