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2 Main Issues

  1. Have to enter your master password every time when opening Chrome. This has been acknlowledged as an issue.
  2. Option to disable Password Manager for certain sites does not work.

These options are in plain sight which is great, but they simply do not work. If there is a woraround, I have not seen it.

These issues do not seem to be taken seriously enough by Bitdefender which is unfortunate as I like the product.

For me, I will have to move to another product if the issues are not addressed or at least a date provided when they will be resolved.


  • Flexx

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  • Scott
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    Hi @AndyE

    I'm not sure if needing to enter in the password for some is an issue, yet I know for others it is, due to the posts on the forum. Or, if it's the OS i.e. (Windows 10), or possibly an extension causing the problem?

    On my Windows 11 64-bit PC, with Chrome and having uBlock (default settings) and TrafficLight being my only security add-ons, PM will stay connected even after waking out of sleep mode. I no longer use BD Anti-Tracker as at times that can cause webpage issues. Again, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but maybe try disabling some extensions and see if that helps. Also, confirm that Chrome is up to date.

    As far as "Blocking" PM from asking to save a site you entered the password for, when you get the confirmation to save the site, click on the blue link, and it will save it in your "Manage blocked websites" settings. It should no longer ask to save that site.

    Maybe something I posted will be helpful? :)


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