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Bitdefender Rendered Webmail Inbox Unusable


About 3 weeks ago I installed Bitdefender Total Security on my Windows 10 laptop. A few days ago my webmail inbox became unusable. When I opened the inbox there were emails that showed up for about 2 seconds and then disappeared. I closed and reopened the site and the emails were still there and visible for 2 seconds and then disappeared again. Other folders like "archive" were intact and visible, but not the inbox.

Bitdefender offered no popups, no explanations for why it was blocked or affected.

I tried the same exact email account on my other laptop that had a different anti virus (not Bitdefender) and the email worked perfectly, time after time.

I checked all email settings, they were all normal. The emails were not deleted or moved, they were in the inbox but continued to disappear 2 seconds after opening the inbox. I worked for 3 days trying to find the problem with no success.

On the 4th day I opened the program and it worked as if nothing was wrong! Whatever the problem was it cost a lot of time, effort, and grief, and I still don't know what happened, but since my other computer without Bitdefender had no problems, it's looking very suspicious for Bitdefender.

Any clues?