How to handle the automatic scan of PCloud Drive

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Each time at startup my PCloud Cloud Storage Software mounts the Cloud under the Disk P:/ which gets automatically scanned from bitdefender.

As this can take about an hour to complete and slows down my ressources by a lot I wanted to ask how do you guys handle this efficiently? I currently need to abort the scan manually everytime I start my computer and have to do the three clicks required by hand each time.

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  • Hello @crj_39 and welcome to the Community!

    Try the following:

    1. Open the Bitdefender app installed on your device

    2. Click on Protection from the left side

    3. Click on Open from the Antivirus feature

    4. Click on Settings Tab. There you should see "Scan mapped network drives" and from the drop-down menu to the right you can select the option to "Disable", "Autoscan" or "Ask every time" depending on your needs. As a side note, in the same Settings tab you have the option to scan flash drives and CD & DVD, you can change the options there as well in case you don't want Bitdefender to scan those automatically.

    I hope the information is helpful.



  • I have exactly the same issue and the sugested fixes don't work. It is really annoying!

    Everytime it sees it as a new device and start scanning!

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