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Does new Password Manager support multiple SEPARATE wallets ?

edited April 2023 in Password Manager

Looks like I am being forced to stop using Wallets as this feature will soon be discontinued.

I have multiple Wallets, each used by different family members on the PCs on which I have installed BitDefender (under one Licence).

QUESTION: Does the new Password Manager support these multiple SEPARATE wallets?

It is important that these wallets are still kept separate ?

At the moment, I can see only what's in a set of user ids/passwords in a Wallet which I have a master password for, and another family member can only see what he has in a DIFFERENT Wallet for which he has the master password for ?

THIS IS IMPORTANT because we each have our own email accounts, bank accounts and other sensive financial accounts, and while we are in one family we don't want to have access to each others financial system log-ins.