Android App Stuck Logging In

Trying to install the app on a handset that has been reset however the app gets stuck logging in and all I can do is go back again which prompts to login again.

This is on the Android 13 and I have tried to clear the cache and restart the phone.

How can I get the app working please? This is working without issue on other Android devices.


  • BalticSulfuricMollusk
    edited April 18

    I have received a response from the support team advising issues with Central at the moment that are being looked into.

  • Hi @BalticSulfuricMollusk and thank you for following up on the thread.

    I have also checked the open ticket for reference and saw that it was indeed a temporary login issue that should be resolved by now. Please confirm if you are still encountering difficulties when attempting to login on your end.


  • @Alexandru_BD thanks for following up. I can confirm I have since been able to sign in without issue.