Bitdefender Wallet Discontinued?

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Does this mean I can no longer use Safepay without shoveling out more money for for this Bitdefender Password Manager. Quite frankly, I already use a different password manager which I'm very happy with and I resent someone attempting to force me to buy and use another one! I will probably consider dumping Bitdefender and moving to a different Internet security program if these are the type of tactics being employed here! Sounds like a shady business practice being deployed here if this is the case! Why can't they just allow us old time users to continue to use the wallet if we desire and don't really need or want their password manager????? Other companies like Kaspersky allow one to still be able to use a hardened extra protected browser for sensitive sites without having to use a particular password manager!


  • Hello @Frazzle and welcome to the Community!

    Password Manager is not yet compatible with Safepay, but the development teams are working on this integration. There will be a new build that will support Safepay and also multiple users. However, the launch date has not been confirmed yet, but it's expected to arrive towards the end of Q2.

    In my opinion, nobody is forcing anyone to do anything here. The Wallet will be decommissioned in favor of a new and more advanced offering. The Password Manager comes as a response to our user’s request for a more versatile solution available on the most important platforms. It has a plethora of bonus features that increase your privacy and in the unlikely event that you haven't heard of them yet, you can find out more by clicking here.

    There comes a time when some products and services reach their end of life and I think this is a natural step in their evolution. You can find more information on Bitdefender's End of Life Policy by clicking on the link below:

    To make the transition seamless, you will also be able to claim an extended free trial of the new Bitdefender Password Manager through the Wallet section of your security solution. When the trial expires, you may purchase Bitdefender Password Manager and switch to this cross-platform service, if you desire.

    I hope things make more sense now.



  • Twocranks
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    Thanks for the information about eventual support for Password Manager in Safepay. I find it unfortunate that I had to spend a half hour searching for this information only to find it in a community forum. You should have made this much easier for Safepay users to find out.

    I also disagree with your position that nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. You are replacing a component that comes free with Safepay with one that people have to pay for. Regardless of whether Password Manager is better or not, if people, like me, want to continue to use Safepay then we have to spend more money. That is the definition of forcing people to do something they might not want to do. What that means, specifically, is that I will resume my search for the best and most cost effective security solution when my Bitdefender subscription expires. May still be Bitdefender, but after a number of years as a satisfied customer I will again be looking at your competition.

  • Hi @Twocranks,

    I'm glad to hear you've found useful information on our forum. Indeed, some common questions about Bitdefender Password Manager and Wallet tend to recur in this migration period and usually the community has the answers to most of them, as this is the place where Bitdefender users freely share their experience and feedback on the products they use and insightful news are also being posted when available. Our community is also a valuable source of product feedback for our developers and we always make sure the customer's voice is being heard.

    In regards to the Safepay integration, this was one of the first questions raised in the migration process, mainly because the Password Manager users have previously requested it and this is a need that must be met for current users of the Wallet given the EOL. So, it's a feature ongoing development at the moment. In parallel, work is being carried out on the multi-user feature and some autofill improvements are also in the pipeline.

    Indeed, the EOL announcement does not mention what this means to users that are actively using the Wallet in conjunction with Safepay, and I'll see if something can be done about this. For what is worth, the Wallet decommissioning does not mean the end of Safepay, as the secure browser can still be used with or without a Password Manager. But I agree that compatibility between the two is mandatory for the Password Manger to meet the user's expectations and help streamline this transition.

    There's another aspect worth mentioning. Unlike Password Manager, the Wallet does not offer master password recovery options. If you forget your Master Password, you lose all your passwords. Wallet functions are limited to autosave & autofill, auto-lock, and a password generator. You can import data from other password management applications only in .db and .csv format. So clearly, there are some limitations that Password Manager is now able to overcome.

    Make sure to keep an eye on these pages, as the community will always be among the first places to announce new developments.

    Your loyalty is highly appreciated and I hope that you will remain our trusted customer in the future as well.


  • I will definitely be moving on from Bitdefender come October. I had choses it due to Wallet being included, now you expect me to pay even more. Nope, too many free alternatives.

  • Exactly, why should we be forced into purchasing a secondary subscription for a functionality that was previously free and already built into the primary Bitdefender subscription. The wallet did everything I needed it to do to access my sensitive websites so I could care less how much better feature wise this new password manager is. I'll be looking at other program options as well come October. Why don't you design the program to let either the wallet or this new password manager work and leave the choice up to the consumer as to which he or she would prefer to use?

  • One of the main reasons I purchased BD Internet Security was for the secure Browser with a Password Manager, albeit with limited featurs but it did what I wanted. My subscription ends in October so no guesses as to what I will be doing just beforehand.

    BD might eventually announce that Password Manager works with Safepay but they really should have done that at the same time as announcing the demise of the existing feature. I worked in IT for 40 years and the one thing you never did was remove functionality from a product/system without a ready made alternative feature. If you did you knew you would upset and lose the support of your Users, which is clearly happening here. So many users are clearly annoyed at losing a feature of the product they had bought with no obvious replacement.

    BD have really shot themselves in the foot here.

  • Bob Norman
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    I will add another comment which will be in a similar vein to most. I too liked the old password manager, easy to use and easy to back up. This new one seems exceeding clunky and I have no idea where the data file is to back it up. I too do not like to pay extra for something that was included before, especially as I like the old interface much better. This new is hard to manage and seems to want to launch its pop up window right over the log in pop up making it nearly impossible to see what the right choice is and it is not movable and the items are not even sortable. I hate it and want my old one back.

    Mine may not have installed correctly but there are only two times I can get the pop up to appear, (1) when a log in pop up comes up and (2) go to Chrome Extensions and click on Bitdefender Password Manager. Then when it does up I can't figure out how to use it!

    I will also be looking for something to replace it later on; maybe the whole suite. In the meantime anyone know how to remove this and just use the old one?


  • I still see no information anywhere about a new version of Safepay with Password Manager support. When is it going to be available?

  • Hello @Twocranks,

    The release date is not yet set in stone, but we know the developers are working on this compatibility. As soon as they announce it, we'll update the community as well. So, make sure to keep a close eye on these pages 😉



  • Hello@Alexandru_BD,

    Will Bitdefender offer a "Total Security" type protection package that includes this new Password Manager in the subscription, like it did with Bitdefender Wallet? I am not going to purchase yet another subscription in order to have a function that was already included with my paid subscription. I too have been a Bitdefender Total Security multi device subscription holder for a number of years and have loved it, but I am going to have to search for a new Internet Security provider once my subscription comes due if Bitdefender is not going to offer the Password Manager in any of their Internet Security package subscriptions, like Bitdefender Total Security. I don't feel that is fair for Bitdefender to ask current customers to pay more for a service that was already part of and included in their Internet Security subscription. Honestly, I have hard time believing that Bitdefender actually had an over abundance of "user’s requesting a more versatile solution available on the most important platforms". Wallet has never failed me and offered everything I needed/wanted.

  • Hello @Bairjewels,

    Yes, Bitdefender does offer 'All-in-One Plans' that include the Password Manager, such as Premium Security and Ultimate Security. However, the included version doesn't feature the Shared Plan and was initially designed for individual usage. I can't tell you if anything is going to change here, but I personally agree that the multi-device bundles that include Password Manager should be revised to include the Shared Plan, or at least develop a variation that can serve multiple accounts. This way, the service becomes more flexible and considerable savings can also be achieved. Ultimately, it is the product team's decision if they include the Shared Plan in such bundles, or not, or if Password Manager will be featured in other bundles in the near future.

    I have noticed there can be sometimes a misconception about the new Password Manager. As the below article explains, the previous Wallet and Password Manager are not the same thing.

    The portfolio has evolved and Bitdefender is now offering a standalone password manager. The Wallet was discontinued to make room for an upgraded service that has been developed precisely to satisfy the customer's requirements for a multi-platform service that can also import data from other password management applications in multiple formats along with other enhancements.


  • @Alexandru_BD Amen, and thank you :)

    I can't tell you if anything is going to change here, but I personally agree that the multi-device bundles that include Password Manager should be revised to include the Shared Plan, or at least develop a variation that can serve multiple accounts. This way, the service becomes more flexible and considerable savings can also be achieved. Ultimately, it is the product team's decision if they include the Shared Plan in such bundles, or not, or if Password Manager will be featured in other bundles in the near future


    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

  • Eh, I have this sneaky suspicion that, at the end of the day, none of this really matters. I've been a Bitdefender subscriber since 2014, nearly 10 years, and guess how often I've used their password manager (or "wallet" or whatever silly name they want to call it)? Would you believe a grand total of zero? That's because, like most people, I already have a superior password management solution. With that being said, I'm sure Bitdefender looked at the product usage statistics, and decided that less that 0.001% of their users actually used the wallet before deciding to spin it off as a separate subscription. Whatever business they lose over this will be negligible.

    After all, look at this very forum! It's been active since April, and it only has 12 posts! You think they're going to cry over 12 people unsubscribing? I wouldn't. Even the widget post which ended in the widget being reinstated got over 500+ responses in the first month alone. No, the password manager isn't a feature worth saving. Not for the 10 people who actually use it.

  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @Captain Obvious,

    If you are refering to this thread alone, it has 287 views since it was opened, but the topic was also addressed in other similar discussions on the forum. The Wallet EOL was a hotbed of debate on these pages and this showed that users are really interested in solutions that secure their passwords. Following the feedback we received from our members, the Bitdefender portfolio has been revised to offer all-in-one plans that include the new Password Manager not only for individual usage, but also for multiple accounts.

    Password Manager will continue to receive improvements in 2024 as well and the developers are continuously gathering insights from users, in their quest to offer a service as versatile and easy to use as possible. Like I said in my previous comments, Password Manager has been developed precisely to satisfy the customers' requirements for a multi-platform service that can also import data from other password management applications in multiple formats, along with other enhancements.

    At the end of the day, I think a security vendor needs to innovate in a constant manner to bring in the latest technology available that can be easily used by the majority of users and build on that. The Wallet was a good product feature, but that was as far as it could go. It had to be extracted from the product, to allow development of what we have today.